PN to table motion of no confidence against Edward Zammit Lewis on Monday

Opposition leader Bernard Grech is requesting an urgent parliamentary debate on this motion

The Nationalist Party will be tabling a motion of no confidence against Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis, after Whatsapp chats revealed that he chatted with Yorgen Fenech during the fallout of 17 Black in 2019.

Opposition and party leader Bernard Grech will be writing to the Speaker of the House of Representatives to convene an urgent parliamentary debate to discuss this motion.

"Instead of supporting the efforts of former Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil to secure an investigation into Fenech's corrupt company 17 Black, Zammit Lewis laughed at him and described him as a "threat to the rule of law” while sending secret messages to Fenech seeking his approval," the party said in a statement.

The party also noted that Zammit Lewis referred to Labour supporters as "stupid labourites" (laburist ġaħan) in a Whatsapp exchange with Yorgen Fenech himself.

"Like Robert Abela, Edward Zammit Lewis is a politician who while presenting himself as the face of reform, in reality, is one of the people responsible for the environment of impunity created by the State and which has led to the situation we are in today."

The party described this motion as "the first test for Labour's parliamentary group to show that they have learned their lesson and that they are really willing to work in the national interest".

In light of this, the Nationalist Party is urging Robert Abela and his fellow Labour MPs to vote in favour of this motion to help Malta clean its reputational image and find itself off the FATF greylist.