Courts prohibit One TV from interviewing female murder victim’s mother

TV show slapped with warrant of prohibitory injunction after interviewing murder victim Chantelle Chetcuti’s mother

ONE Television programme ‘Awla’ has been hit with a warrant of prohibitory injunction after interviewing murder victims Chantelle Chetcuti’s mother.

The warrant, prevents a person or entity from doing anything that may be prejudicial to the person requesting such warrant, was filed by the alleged killer Justin Borg’s defence team.

Madam Justice Anna Felice upheld their argument.

Chetcuti died of injuries she sustained after she was stabbed in the head, allegedly by her ex-partner Justin Borg, who stands accused of her homicide.

Speaking to MaltaToday, presenter Luke Dalli said the interview looked to approach the story from a humane perspective, and at no point did the programme delve into details of the case.

“She was obviously very emotional, and when the defence saw the programme’s promo, the warrant was issued,” he said.

The programme, which was due to be broadcasted on Thursday evening, will not be shown.

The reason given was that the interview could prejudicate the case in question, as it is due to be heard in front of a jury in the coming months.

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Taking to Facebook, activist and lawyer Lara Dimitrijevic slammed the application.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that victims are stopped from speaking and expressing their opinions! Victims, like Chantelle’s family, have the right to speak, let’s not forget the judiciary process in our country takes years,” she said on Facebook. “So this means that before final judgment is passed, no victim can speak on their stories and experiences? Let’s not kid ourselves!”

Presenter Luke Dalli also remarked that Chantelle Aquilina’s mother had already testified in court, and her testimony was reported in the press.

He said the accused’s lawyers, Carlos Bugeja and Rene Darmanin, have been offered the opportunity to speak and be interviewed on the programme.

The final decision on the prohibitory injunction will be delivered on the 18 January.