Nurses' union protests after hospital technicians are denied promised yearly bonus

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses says 24 workers are being denied a yearly bonus promised in their sectorial agreement

Hospital technicians have been denied a promised annual bonus, the MUMN says (File photo)
Hospital technicians have been denied a promised annual bonus, the MUMN says (File photo)

Technicians working at Mater Dei Hospital are being refused an annual allowance that was stipulated in their sectorial agreement.

Speaking outside the Health Ministry in Valletta, the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) said that around 24 workers who fix medical equipment are owed €2,500 per year as set out in their sectorial agreement.

MUMN President Paul Pace said for reasons not known the government has refused to meet with union representatives to discuss the matter in any capacity while ignoring union directives that have been in place since December.

Pace said that instead of finding a way to solve the issue, the health minister has instead decided to hire an outside contractor to carry out duties that were affected by directives.

The union said that according to the agreement which was signed in 2017, the workers are responsible for special medical equipment and are entitled to this allowance.

However, the MUMN said that this had not been paid since 2019, while colleagues in the same division had received it.

Pace urged the government to come forward and open dialogue on the issue so that it can be resolved.

Since 9 December, the union has issued directives telling workers not to monitor the Mater Dei electrical power standby generator and not perform monthly loaded tests on the grid for the generators or health checks on the hospital’s power network.