Sacks of COVID waste dumped in Lija valley

Clean-up NGO Żibel received a report on the waste over the weekend

Photos: Żibel/Facebook
Photos: Żibel/Facebook

Sacks of COVID waste, including swab tests, were found dumped along a valley between Lija and Iklin over the weekend. 

Clean-up NGO Żibel was first alerted to the incident. The group received a report from one of its folllowers, after which they contacted the Malta Police Force and Ministry of Health. 

Media reports indicate that Mater Dei Hospital also filed a police reported so that investigations can be conducted by the police force. 

The bright yellow bags had 'Health Division' and 'Clinical Waste For Incineration Only' printed on the front, while the packaging of swabs with brand name CITOSWAB can be seen through the material. 

Żibel reminded its followers that clinical waste cannot be thrown away with regular waste, and is instead incinerated at the Wasteserv Thermal Treatment Facility in Marsa. 

"If you ever find hazardous waste of any nature in the countryside or sea, do not touch it and keep a safe distance. Photograph the item, take note of the location and report it," the NGO said in a Facebook post. 

Hazardous waste must be taken to the appropriate Wasteserv facility for proper disposal. Anyone who needs to dispose of such waste can send an email to [email protected], call the freephone at 8007 2200, or complete the online waste inquiry form