Electoral mechanisms discriminatory and completely ignore third party votes - ADPD

The Green Party says that the new parliament is a reflection of a legally rigged system that was meant to favour PL and PN

ADPD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo
ADPD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo

ADPD – The Green Party said the electoral mechanism that led to the largest parliament ever, was discriminatory and had completely ignored third party votes.

ADPD chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said the new parliament was a reflection of a legally rigged system, meant to favour PL and PN.

“ADPD’s first preference votes, 4747, are much more than the national quote and should also be represented in parliament - because every vote counts. It is not just votes cast in favour of PL and PN that are of value, but every citizen’s should have value,” Cacopardo said.

He argued that every vote counted and that the proportionality guarantee should be extended to all parties.

“Each day that ADPD representatives are barred from parliament is an injustice against those voters that have shown their trust in this party’s policies with their vote,” Cacopardo said.

He stated that the gender balance mechanism was applicable exclusively to the two parties already in parliament. “While ADPD is in favour measures to bring about gender balance in parliament it is totally against mechanisms that are discriminatory by their very nature and reserved only for the PL and PN,” Cacopardo said.

He said it was possible to have an electoral system that was representative of different political colours and genders without going beyond 65 seats. The parliamentary group has increased by 14 seats in this legislature, due to the gender corrective mechanism.

“We are convinced that there is no political will to implement the necessary electoral reforms that bring about just treatment across the board. ADPD was left with no other avenue than to go to the Constitutional Court. ADPD’s constitutional challenge will continue being heard in court next week,” Cacopardo said.