Bernard Grech clears due diligence in PN leadership race

Incumbent Bernard Grech clears PN’s due diligence and can now formally file his nomination to contest the leadership

Bernard Grech can proceed to the next stage of the Nationalist Party leadership race after he cleared the due diligence by the party’s candidate’s commission.

Leadership hopefuls have to be vetted before they can formally file their nomination.

The PN’s electoral office chief Peter Fenech said in a statement on Wednesday that the candidate’s commission found Grech to be an ideal candidate for leadership.

Grech will be running on his own since no contenders stepped forward to contest the post. A leadership race has to take place because the PN lost the March general election.

The incumbent now has to file his nomination that must be seconded by three MPs, five local councillors, 10 members of the executive, 50 members of the general council and 50 PN members.

Given that Grech will not be contested, the election will take place within the general council.