Comino’s Blue Lagoon should be accessible to everyone, PN says

The Nationalist Party calls for more enforcement and greater accessibility for public in places like Comino’s Blue Lagoon

Comino's Blue Lagoon
Comino's Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Comino should be accessible to everyone and not only those “protected by the government”, the Nationalist Party said.

Party spokespersons Robert Arrigo and Rebekah Cilia said that in view that there exists no agreement with the operators in Comino, all deckchairs and umbrellas should be removed from the Blue Lagoon.

The reaction came three days after Graffitti carried out direct action in the Blue Lagoon, clearing umbrellas and deckchairs that occupied the public beach without having been hired by patrons. The action was widely praised, including by some politicians from both sides of the House and government functionaries.

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo claimed yesterday that Malta Tourism Authority inspectors were due to carry out inspections on Comino on the day Graffitti carried out their action.

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He has said deckchairs and umbrellas will not be allowed on the sandy beach but insisted a holistic plan for the island was being drawn up. Bartolo said there was a demand for the deckchair service, especially from tourists.

The PN said that public land should be enjoyed by everyone and called for more enforcement. “The Blue Lagoon is advertised on every tourist brochure and website. But what we are selling as a country on these leaflets is not what tourists are finding in reality,” the PN spokespersons said.