Oncology centre services suspended after machines develop fault

Health Ministry says an internal inquiry board has been setup to determine what led to the faults

File photo
File photo

Linear accelerators at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centres are experiencing technical difficulties forcing a temporary suspension of radiotherapy services.

The announcement was made by the health ministry, who said initial investigations showed malfunctions in the machine’s cooling systems.

“So far the technical team has established that the damage is reparable and preparations for the necessary repairs have already begun,” it said.

A medical linear accelerator is the device most commonly used for external beam radiation treatments for patients with cancer. It delivers high-energy x-rays or electrons to the region of the patient's tumour.

The ministry also announced an internal inquiry board has been setup to determine what led to the faults.

“Mater Dei Hospital administration is working hand in hand with all oncology patient consultants to find adequate alternatives for patients,” it said in its statement. “The Health Ministry apologises for any inconvenience created in these circumstances and commits to making all necessary arrangements in the best interest of the health of the patients affected.”

PN expresses solidarity with Oncology patients  

Reacting to the announcement, the PN expressed its solidarity with oncology patients who have been affected by the faults.

“The Nationalist Party insists that a contingency plan should be made to prevent such an incident from repeating itself,” it said.