Bolt claims it received no demands in relation to courier strike

The company insists that the basic courier earnings have remained the same since the last change in 2020

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Bolt claims that it received no demands in relation to a single-day strike carried out by couriers last week, while insisting that no changes have been made to its basic courier earnings formula. 

A Bolt spokesperson told MaltaToday that it has continued with the same basic earning structure since carrying out certain management changes.

“Courier earnings very much depend on the demand and supply of the market,” the spokesperson said. 

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Couriers went on a spontaneous strike last Friday in demand for changes to the way their earnings are calculated. 

Media reports were clear that the Bolt couriers were on strike to increase their bonus payments. However, Bolt claims the demands did not officially reach the company.

“We received no demands in relation to this strike. Aside from that, we have regularly communicated with freelance couriers, fleet owners and restaurant partners and informed them of our new steps.”

Couriers earn cash for every delivery carried out. The earnings include €1 for pick-up, €1.60 for drop-off, and 40c for each kilometre travelled. 

Workers also earn time bonuses depending on the time the delivery was carried out. These bonuses change every day, with the couriers notified of the daily bonus fees the night before. 

While self-employed couriers take home the full amount for each delivery, couriers working through recruitment agencies see 40-50% of their pay going to the agency they work for. 

MaltaToday revealed last year that recruitment companies supplying migrant workers to food delivery platforms are in breach of Malta’s employment laws as they take a cut of their pay.

This newsroom also revealed how couriers paid thousands in recruitment fees just to find a job in Malta, with the fees spanning upwards of €5,000.

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