Sandro Camilleri appointed head of police anti-money laundering unit

Former police union boss Sandro Camilleri to take over FCID’s anti-money laundering unit

Sandro Camilleri
Sandro Camilleri

The former GWU police union boss Sandro Camilleri will head the anti-money laundering unit within the police’s Financial Crime Investigation Department (FCID).

Camilleri, 46, will serve as superintendent, investigating major money laundering cases. 

The former CID officer previously led the police’s prosecution unit, and was the first president of the Police Officers Union, affiliated with the General Workers’ Union. 

Camilleri replaces Frank Tabone, currently out on long leave after signalling his intention to retire from the force to pursue a legal career. 

The FCID replaced the former economic crimes unit, once headed by suspended Assistant Police Commissioner Ian Abdilla. Assistant commissioner Alexandra Mamo was appointed to head the new FCID.

In 2020, Camilleri had been among eight applicants vying for the position of police commissioner.

Prior to his new FCID posting, Superintendent Camilleri was responsible for the Sliema and Ħamrun districts. He was also responsible for policing Malta’s football stadiums. He holds a master’s degree in business administration.