[WATCH] ‘We shouldn’t be scared of change just because the majority are comfortable’– Robert Abela

In his New Year message, the Prime Minister said that his government wants to provide peace of mind to the nation

Prime Minister Robert Abela (Photo: OPM)
Prime Minister Robert Abela (Photo: OPM)

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that by being scared of change, using the excuse that the majority were comfortable, the suffering of many would be ignored.

In a recorded message to the nation for the New Year, Abela said that in the past twelve months, his government worked to provide the peace of mind that Malta was moving in the right direction.

He said that following the pandemic challenges, the government wanted families to be able to plan for the year ahead and also for their future.

Abela spoke of the economy and the positive forecasts by the international rating agencies.

“We are using our economic growth to ensure that every person that lives in Malta will be able to live a better life, in a caring society, and a more beautiful country that offers the very best quality of life. Therefore, I emphasise that our country’s economic success must go hand in hand with social progress and increased civil rights,” Abela said.

“Because quality of life is not just about better financial income.”

The Prime Minister said that the time had come for the Maltese society to send a stronger message on the safeguarding of women’s rights. Abela added that it was crucial more than ever to protect women’s rights, since Malta had the largest ever female representation in Parliament.

“Regrettably, however, we were becoming increasingly more aware of the many realities of women that suffer in silence, just because they are women,” Abela said.

He added that it was vital that the country ensured that every woman had the peace of mind that society was there to protect her.

“When we discuss equality and take a strong position against domestic violence, when we insist that every woman’s life is safeguarded, together with her health, we are actually talking about the quality of life of your daughter, your mother or your sister.”

Abela said that certain negative experiences that occurred had upset him as a father and as a politican.

Hinting at the reform on pregnancy termination to protect the mother, Abela said that no reform ever received a unanimous agreement and emphasised that discussions were always held.

“There is one choice that must not be considered: that is, to accept the status quo or ignore the realities as though they don’t even exist. Because when we choose to be scared of change, by using the excuse that the majority of the population is comfortable as is, we will be ignoring all those who have been suffering, and slowly, slowly are losing hope.”

Abela said that the status quo was also not be accepted on environmental issues, outlining the decision to reacquire the Żonqor land and turn down a mega development in Ħondoq ir-Rummien.