'Life won, Malta won,' says Bernard Grech in reaction to revised abortion Bill

The PN leader welcomes the Government's amended proposals to allow pregnancy termination only in case that the woman's life is at risk

PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)
PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)

PN and Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said that the government’s decision to revise the so-called abortion Bill so that pregnancies could only be terminated if the woman’s life is at risk, was a win for life and for Malta.

Speaking at the PN’s general council on Sunday, Grech said the right to life is the most fundamental right of all.

“Life won, the people won and Malta won. Malta won again and will keep on winning thanks to courageous decisions,” Grech said in reaction to the Government’s announcement on Friday regarding new amendments to the abortion Bill.

The new abortion amendments would only allow an abortion to be carried out if a woman’s life is at ‘immediate risk’ and if her health would be in ‘grave jeopardy which can lead to death.’ 

On top of this, the introduction of a three-member medical team to decide on termination was announced, and it was made clear that if the foetus can live outside the womb, it has to be delivered. 

In November 2022, following the case of Andrea Prudente, an American tourist who was forced to transfer to Spain after needing an abortion while on holiday in Malta, the government initiated a process to implement a bill to protect the life of expectant mothers.

Malta is the only EU country to have an outright ban on abortion with no exceptions and the changes will for the first time introduce exceptions related to the woman’s life and health.

The Nationalist Party had taken a pro-life stance when the first proposals were brought forward and had argued that the government was paving the way for abortion to be introduced in the country.

Grech said that his party does not venture in politics of convenience but is authentic and convinced of its ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.

“In the last 13 months, following the general election - together, we have managed to strengthen ourselves and deliver authentic politics,” Grech said.

The PN leader said that his party believed in “compassion, respect and love” and that the only way forward was for the nation to work together.

Less than a year prior to the Local council and MEP elections, Grech said that the Maltese had one choice, “The Nationalist Party that has always prioritised the country and worked hard for everyone to move forward and not be left behind.”

He added that the need for a new economic model was being felt and that justice and equal opportunities should be a priority.