‘Cold hearted’ Abela refuses to launch Sofia public inquiry, flees to Sicily as he's given up - Bernard Grech

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech says that PN is convinced that Robert Abela has something to hide for not launching a public inquiry into Jean Paul's Sofia's death 

Opposition leader Bernard Grech
Opposition leader Bernard Grech

Opposition and PN Leader Bernard Grech said that Prime Minister Robert Abela is “cold-hearted” for insisting on not launching the public inquiry into Jean Paul Sofia’s death.

During an interview on NET FM on Sunday morning Grech said the Opposition is convinced that Abela has something to hide on the matter.

"The more he insists on not launching the public inquiry, the more convinced we are that he has something to hide,” Grech said.

He added that Jean Paul Sofia’s parents and relatives, PN, the independent media, editors, columnists, and NGOs were all calling for an inquiry so that no similar deaths repeat themselves.

On Thursday, Sofia’s mother, Isabel Bonnici, other relatives and friends were present in parliament’s Strangers’ Gallery to follow proceedings.

“Abela keeps stamping his feet. I cannot forget the image of Abela in Parliament, banging his hands on the table and insisting that the public inquiry is not launched,” Grech said.

The vote on the Opposition’s motion calling for a public inquiry into Jean Paul Sofia’s tragic death was postponed for Wednesday, after a highly charged and at times emotional parliamentary debate.

Overpopulation and PN’s alternative economic model

Grech said that the Maltese citizens are all feeling suffocated in the country, as the population keeps increasing.

He said that earlier in the morning he had received a message from individuals who had tried to go for a swim at Fra Ben and Ġnejna but had to cancel their plans as they couldn’t find a parking spot.

According to Grech the Labour government is determined to pursue the current economic model and double the population within the next 15 years.

“We not only want a better direction, but the country really needs it. Our vision is of a better economic model that works for everyone and is not based on population increase,” Grech said.

He said that his party had been explaining its vision for the economic sectors since the start of the last general election campaign.

PN had pledged to invest €1 billion in sectors including the metaverse, 3D printing, AI applications, e-sports, production of video games, the sport industry, energy and social enterprises.

“It would also be based on economic sectors that the Nationalist Party had created before. We are tried and tested,” Grech said.

The PN leader said that Prime Minister Robert Abela remains anchored in the past and has given up on solutions for the country’s issues.

He said that inflation is affecting everyone except those that made €17,000 a month for a part-time job, in reference to the contract that Abela’s law firm had with the Planning Authority.

“Robert Abela gave up on addressing the rising cost of living. Where is he – did he flee to Sicily? He is not just weak but he is also fleeing from the issues affecting the Maltese and his party’s internal struggles,” Grech said.