Robert Abela has abandoned the country: Opposition leader

Opposition leader Bernard Grech says Robert Abela has neglected the country at a time of crisis

PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)
PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech has criticized Prime Minister Robert Abela, accusing him of neglecting the country during the crisis.

Over the past week, the nation has been grappling with a high number of electricity blackouts, prompting concerns and frustrations among citizens.

Last Sunday, Prime Minister Robert Abela downplayed the severity of the situation, dismissing the need for a parliamentary session to address the ongoing blackouts that have affected the nation.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Mater Dei Hospital endured a 50-minute period without electricity, raising concerns about the impact on critical infrastructure and public services.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday morning, Bernard Grech said despite Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward Healthcare being awarded over €400 million in taxpayer funds, the situation has remained dire.

He argued that the lack of investment in the power distribution system exacerbated the current crisis.

Bernard Grech accused Prime Minister Robert Abela of neglecting the needs of the people, suggesting that he has not adequately addressed the challenges posed by the power outages, leaving citizens to face hardships without sufficient support from the government.