Abela's refusal for Jean Paul Sofia public inquiry is now clear, PN says

The Nationalist Party stated that details that emerged in court contradicted testimony given by the Building and Construction Authority's CEO

The Nationalist Party has stated that the reason behind Robert Abela's foot-dragging on a public inquiry into Jean Paul Sofia's death has now come to light, following revelations in court on Tuesday. 

Following the testimony of Michael Ferry, a former official from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) during the public inquiry, it emerged that the site where Sofia died fell into the remit of the BCA.

In a Facebook post, PN leader Bernard Grech said, "Now we know that the authority responsible for regulating construction was responsible for regulating the site where Jean Paul Sofia died, and it did not do so because it didn't know that this was its responsibility."

Today's testimony fully contradicts the BCA, the PN stated. 

The PN said that this confirms why Robert Abela dragged his feet at the expense of Sofia's family and friends.