PA to review 2006 local plans for south of Malta with focus on Ħal Far industrial estate

The primary aim of this review, according to the Planning Authority, is to designate a segment of the industrial site as a buffer zone 'to safeguard' the protected special area of conservation Natura 2000 site


Ħal Far industrial estate. (Photo: Wiki)
Ħal Far industrial estate. (Photo: Wiki)

The Planning Authority will be undertaking a partial review of the 2006 South Malta Local Plan, as amended in 2017, with a specific focus on Ħal Far.

The primary aim of this review is to designate a segment of the industrial site as a buffer zone to safeguard the protected Special Area of Conservation.

In a statement released on Thursday, the PA mentioned that, according to the current policy framework, the Industrial Development Boundary for Ħal Far Industrial Estate designates land within this boundary exclusively for industrial use.

However, recognising the potential impact of industrial development in the southern section of the estate on the protected Special Area of Conservation Natura 2000 site, the current policy mandates the creation of a 6-meter landscaped buffer zone.

It also imposes restrictions on building height, limiting it to 12 meters with a setback of 4.25 meters from the seaward side, the authority added.

The authority stated that these provisions are not considered sufficient to provide adequate safeguards to the Special Area of Conservation.

Consequently, the review suggests the complete removal of a portion of the site from the industrial area.

The objective is to prohibit any form of development other than activities aimed at enhancing the environmental value of the site. Additionally, the review recommends allocating a small portion of the site for low-impact sports.

Anyone seeking more information, the proposed objectives can be accessed on the Planning Authority’s website at

The Planning Authority encouraged individuals and organisations to submit their representations on these proposed objectives in writing to [email protected] by Thursday, December 21, 2023.