Grech says that government is afraid to solve the problems it created

PN leader Bernard Grech said that the problems associated with Malta’s current model cannot be solved if government continues to hold on to the status quo

Grech was interviewed on Net TV on Sunday
Grech was interviewed on Net TV on Sunday

“Government is afraid to do the right,” PN leader Bernard Grech stated on Sunday.

Grech was speaking during an interview on Net TV, as he spoke about a series of government decisions which, according to him, show that government is failing to solve the problems it created. 

The opposition leader referred to the Labour Party’s ongoing discussion to welcome Rosianne Cutajar back into the fold as an example of the absence of good governance. 

Regarding government’s economic model, Grech said that the problems associated with Malta’s current model cannot be solved if government continues to hold on to the status quo. He noted that while the current economic model brought economic prosperity, it has also resulted in serious environmental failings, as well as a poor quality of life for the Maltese and infrastructure problems among others. 

“The longer government stays in power, the more alarming population increases we will see,” Grech said as he described overpopulation as the result of the current economic model. 

In light of this, Grech outlined his party’s vision for a solution to the country’s troubles.

The PN leader said that Malta’s rural and urban environment must be properly administered in order to create a balance between development and one’s quality of life. 

Social responsibility is Grech’s “second pillar” as he stated that the PN would aid those who are struggling to move forward in their life. 

Thirdly, Grech said that government has rubbished good governance and even went beyond that, saying that government is, “attacking our courts and magistrates because they have no control over them.”

He further stated that anyone who disagrees with government will be in its cross hairs.

Grech described the government as distracted from its priorities because it is doing everything to stay in power and keep its friends from going to prison.

On government’s price stability deal, Grech said that it was done without proper planning, noting farmers’ complaints regarding the subsidies on frozen foods which now compete with local produce. 

To combat the rising cost of living, Grech reaffirmed his party’s belief that government should not tax the yearly COLA. He also mentioned the creation of a national fund meant to aid local importers and exporters.

The opposition leader finally referred to government’s plans to introduce changes to drug laws. Here Grech repeated that government is trying to help traffickers.

Grech called on his viewers to protect future generations by opposing this bill, saying that, “the fight against drugs must go on.”

He concluded by saying that the PN will continue to be vocal on this issue until the end.

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PL reacts

Later on Sunday, the Labour Party reacted to Grech's comments on the drug reform bill, saying that Grech continues to lie and mislead the public on the subject.

The PL stated that with the proposed reform, drug trafficking would still carry the same punishment, and that the bill would give the courts more tools to address drug victims. 

"This confirms that Bernard Grech rushed and drove his party into a wall even when it comes to this reform," the PL said, concluding by saying that PN governments were the ones who did not hesitate to give presidential pardons to drug traffickers.