Ukrainians in Malta to mark two-year war anniversary with Valletta demonstration

‘In this war, Ukraine defends the values, stability and security of Europe and the entire transatlantic space’

Photo: Andrey Zmievskiy
Photo: Andrey Zmievskiy

Ukranian residents in Malta will mark two years since the full-scale invasion of Russia with a two-part event that will include a demonstration outside the House of Representatives in Valletta.

On 24 February, demonstrators will march with a large flag of Ukraine from Spinola Bay in St Julian’s to the Sliema ferry, and later hold a public meeting outside the Parliament building in Valletta at 4pm with speeches from the ministry of foreign affairs, a representative of the European Commission representation in Malta and the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Malta.

The events are held with the support of the Ukrainian World Congress and the European Commission representation in Malta.

The Russian Federation launched its war of aggression against Ukraine with the occupation and annexation of Crimea, certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions back in 2012. On 24 February, 2022, it began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, undermining the system of collective security established after the Second World War and threatening that of Europe,.

The Russian war has so far destroyed entire cities and communities, and caused the tragic death of countless civilians, including children. According to the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission, more than 10,000 civilians were killed and 20,000 injured in just 2 years of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Almost 20,000 children were abducted and deported by Russia. However, the real number may be higher, as Russia does not allow international organizations into the occupied territories.

“Atrocities, war crimes, torture and rape of civilians, attacks on healthcare and education facilities, as well as critical infrastructure, abduction and deportation of children – crimes that the Russian invaders continue to commit in Ukraine for the second year in a row, violating international humanitarian law,” spokesperson Alexia Melkonyan said.

“The heroic resistance of Ukrainians is not only a struggle for the physical survival of the Ukrainian people and the freedom of Ukraine. In this war, Ukraine defends the values, stability and security of Europe and the entire transatlantic space, de facto acting as the eastern flank of NATO countries, in addition, Ukraine is fighting for its own European choice, its identity and desire to live in a democratic country.”