Robert Abela: ‘The Opposition cannot bear the success of the country’

New aid for local councils to be announced shortly

Prime Minister Robert Abela. File Photo: Labour Party
Prime Minister Robert Abela. File Photo: Labour Party

Speaking to a crowd in Żejtun Square, Prime Minister Robert Abela challenged the Opposition and their critical view of the country at Labour’s General Council on Sunday.

In the face of such criticisms, the Labour government will be seeking to strengthen local communities as new aid for councils is set to be announced in the coming days. Abela gave no further details.

Taking to the stage to chants of “Robert! Robert!”, the Prime Minister addressed the crowd by calling on them to continue to spread the PL’s word and convince more people to join the party.

“We need to work hard to continue convincing more and more people to join us,” Abela said.

Meanwhile, the PM criticised the Nationalist Party for trying to “turn the clocks back” on the progress the current government has created.

Recalling a recent visit to a local pharmaceutical company, Abela emphasised that the company – along with the industry – have been allowed to grow because they found a government that believes in them.

“You can have as many dreams as you want, but unless you find a government that believes in you, a country that believes in you, it won’t matter,” Abela said to applause.

Meanwhile, other countries are looking towards Malta, wondering how a country can keep prices of gas and energy so stable, Abela said, noting the government’s faith in the population to create a space for incentives and growth.

“Only one person has no faith in our country,” he said. “The Opposition.”

“Have you ever heard the Opposition say anything positive about this country? They cannot bear the success of our country… which means they cannot bear the success of each and every one of you.”

Meanwhile, Abela promised that the government will never leave anyone behind, no matter their background or their needs.

At the start of the event, the Foreign Affairs Minister touched on the global elephant in the room: worries of war

Malta’s foreign affairs policy is built on three words, he said: “Peace, peace, and peace.”

Noting a recent UN Security Council meeting, Borg emphasised Malta’s want for an open dialogue rather than that for an open conflict.

Referencing Borg’s comments, Abela reminded people that far-away wars still affect our island.

“We have heard Simon Busuttil telling us he wants to ‘arm Europe’ so that those around us are afraid of us.

“That is not the language we want,” Abela said, mocking Busuttil for starting the flame that set himself on fire.

Only the right narratives will help the country, he continued, as international conversations keep people’s needs and wants as a central priority, highlighting this year’s EU funds as an example of the government’s far-reaching efforts.

Abela ended his speech with a rally cry, calling on people to continue to strengthen the country and cast their vote at the upcoming European Parliament and local council elections on June 8.

On Sunday, both the Labour and Nationalist parties held their General Councils.