Y-plates in Gozo more than double since 2019

Registered Y-plates in Gozo increase from 199 in 2019 to 456 in 2024

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File photo

Y-plates in Gozo more than doubled in five years, information tabled in parliament shows.

The information was tabled by Transport Minister Chris Bonnet in reply to a parliamentary question by Nationalist MP Chris Said.

Bonnet said that as of March 2024 there were 456 Y-plates registered in Gozo. The minister said 199 Y-plates were registered in Gozo in 2019.

In November 2023 then-Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia had told parliament that Malta has close to 5,000 Y-plate vehicles.

Last October Transport Malta announced new regulations governing Y-plate vehicles. MaltaToday has extensively reported on TM's lax enforcement when it comes to Y-plate vehicles being parked in public spaces, despite the authority knowing about the problem.