‘Now is the moment of truth’: Labour propagandist rallies supporters for Muscat

Labour propagandist Emanuel Cuschieri announces plans to protest outside Valletta law courts on day Joseph Muscat is criminally charged

Joseph Muscat (right) appeared on Manwel Cuschieri's talkshow on Smash TV
Joseph Muscat (right) appeared on Manwel Cuschieri's talkshow on Smash TV

Labour propagandist Emanuel Cuschieri has announced plans for a protest outside court if former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat gets charged in court.

“We have long been hearing people saying ‘Kuraġġ Joseph’ and ‘We stand behind you, Joseph’ and I assure you it is very much appreciated,” Cuschieri said. “However, it is now time to put our words into action.”

Joseph Muscat is expected to be criminally charged in court in connection to the Vitals Global Healthcare inquiry. MaltaToday understands his chief of staff Keith Schembri and former minister Konrad Mizzi are amongst those facing criminal charges. Several top civil servants are also believed to be among those charged. 

In a Facebook post on Monday afternoon, Joseph Muscat said he is ready for the fight against those who want to "seek revenge against the Maltese."

Reacting to reports, the Labour stalwart said he wants to live in a “normal country”, where “justice is effective and not twisted into political persecution against successful people”.

“The time of Facebook comments is over, now is the moment of truth. If he is charged, we will be physically present outside court, in a civil and calm but determined manner, to show solidarity with Dr Muscat and the others,” Cuschieri said. “As soon as we have an indication of the date and time that Dr Muscat and others could be charged in this political vendetta, we will be there outside court, in a show of solidarity.”

Joseph Muscat had tried to remove the magistrate from the inquiry, insisting she had a conflict because her relatives were publicly critical of him. He also complained of constant leaks from the inquiry and decried the magistrate’s refusal to let him testify before her.

In January 2022, as part of the inquiry, police officers searched Muscat’s Burmarrad home and ceased several electronic devices.

Muscat told reporters on Tuesday that he had no doubt he will be charged as he adopted a defiant tone. He insisted he did nothing wrong and would fight the charges tooth and nail.