A vote for any non-PN candidate is a vote for Labour – Bernard Grech

Despite advocating for people to vote for the candidates they believe in, Grech emphasised the importance of voting for the Opposition

Bernard Grech speaking in Sliema on Sunday. Photo: PN
Bernard Grech speaking in Sliema on Sunday. Photo: PN

People should use their vote for the candidates they believe in, but any vote not for Nationalist candidates is a vote for the Labour party, Bernard Grech said on Sunday.

Speaking at a party rally in Sliema, the Opposition leader criticised the Labour Party for using media tactics to garner votes instead of focusing on solutions to the problems they are creating.

“The Prime Minister has done so many U-turns that he has no idea where he is going, let alone where he is going to take the country,” Grech said.

As one of Malta’s ex-Prime Minister’s is going to be criminally charged in court – a first for Maltese history – Malta’s current leader continues to defend the PL’s previous leadership, he continued.

On May 28, Joseph Muscat is set to be charged in court, alongside 18 other defendants for money laundering, fraud, and conspiracy to commit an offence punishable by imprisonment for more than four years.

“How can you vote for a Labour candidate,” Grech asked the crowd as both MEP and local elections are fast approaching and scandals continue to come out of the woodwork.

“Robert Abela is telling you to do the same as he does and live a lie,” Grech said, addressing labour voters who supported the government in previous elections.

“But I am certain that those of you who voted to join the EU that this is not what you want. Those of you who follow Labour’s principles know that this is not the party you know or that you want.”

Grech called on voters to use their vote to show the Prime Minister that the country is fed up of the current leadership and to vote for the country’s future.

And, as many are still undecided on who to vote for, Grech emphasised the importance of voting for those who you believe in; a pillar of democracy that the Nationalist party carries at its core.

But, even those who do not agree with the PN are able to work alongside the party, he continued, as the fraud and incompetence of the current government are impossible to ignore.

“Those of you who are uncertain, we will not take you for a ride,” Grech said, promising to not play with the future of the country’s future generations.

“I don’t know if I should cry or if I should laugh as, while Joseph Muscat might go to prison... his friend Robert is producing reality TV shows,” Grech said.

On May 27, a day before Muscat is set to be charged in court, a reality show featuring PL MEP candidates will premiere the first of four episodes.

Labour’s candidates will be locked together in a hotel suite for il-Kamp Politiku, and must complete tasks and challenges throughout the show.

However, youths will not be fooled by the publicity, Grech continued, as young minds seek reality, not reality shows.