[WATCH] Police search Joseph Muscat’s Burmarrad home as part of Vitals probe

In Facebook video Joseph Muscat says he will not be intimidated and hints at a return to public life with promise to be more vocal after police raid his Burmarrad home

Joseph Muscat posted a video on his Facebook page explaining the raid on his house
Joseph Muscat posted a video on his Facebook page explaining the raid on his house

Former prime minister Joseph Muscat’s home in Burmarrad was searched on Wednesday by police, as part of a corruption probe into the Vitals Global Healthcare hospitals deal.

According to reports, financial crime investigators entered Muscat’s house at 7am and spent at least three hours on the property, seizing his mobile phone, along with those of his wife Michelle Muscat and their two daughters.

Muscat was apparently aware of the investigation, as well as the raid on his home.

He told the Times of Malta that he was only “half-surprised” about the search and that the “needless theatrics” were possibly designed to “humiliate” him. The former PM said "sources within the PN" had informed him that MP Jason Azzopardi had been telling people of a possible raid on his house.

Muscat handed investigators a file full of documents that he had prepared ahead of the search, justifying the work he says was done in exchange for the Accutor AG payments. 

It had been revealed back in November that Muscat received €60,000 from Accutor AG, a company which in turn received millions from Steward Healthcare when it took over the contract of the three state hospitals.

Return to public life

In a Facebook video posted on his wall, Muscat gave an overview of the day's happenings and in a telling comment, insisted that he would not be intimidated and promised to be more vocal this year after a two year sabbatical.

"If there was anyone who thought that by doing so I would be intimidated, the result is to the contrary. If need be I will speak more, when I feel it's right and where I choose to do so. Next Saturday I have my birthday... I will start a new page. I would have done two years staying quiet as much as possible, we'll start with a bit more noise through the internet and also face to face, meeting you because everything I did for the country, I did with the best of intentions... I am not perfect but what I am being accused of is not true and I hope and am sure that the proof I have provided will attest to this," Muscat concluded his video.

The message hinted at a return to public life for Muscat in a year when the country has to hold a general election.