Abela vows to stop proposed tarmac plant in Imqabba following resident protests

A tarmac plant that was meant to be relocated to Imqabba will not happen following outcry from residents

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There will be no tarmac plant in Imqabba after the government heard the public’s cries, Prime Minister Robert Abela vowed on Sunday.

“Today I can tell you that the tarmac plant that was going to be done in Imqabba is not going to happen,” Abela said at a Labour rally in Żurrieq.

In November last year, residents from Qrendi and nearby localities protested the relocation of a tarmac plant from an industrial zone in Ħal Far to Imqabba.

The move would have seen the factory be 500m away from the nearest residence, causing the community to become concerned about the quality of air and the locality’s environmental health.

“Whatever land is under the government’s control... that land will only be used for the benefit of the community,” Abela said, claiming to have listened to the outspoken residents and their local council who also condemned the relocation.

Sticking to environmental impacts, Abela promised future projects in other localities, naming Qrendi and Birżebbuġa as examples. Updates on these projects will be announced in the future, he said.

“Malta might be a small country, but it is a country of big success... you are the authors of our success,” Abela told the crowd.

Looking to the past, Abela emphasised the PL’s focus on creating a greener Malta, comparing the current administration to a PN one, noting times when the Nationalist government handed over ODZ land over to construction.

Today, the PN continue to focus on themselves rather than the country, Abela continued, as the party has no true plan for the country except to “break Malta” on an international stage at the European Parliament.

The PN have no manifest, have made no promises except for attacking magistrates who did not judge in their favour and organising protests against the PL government and the country’s economy, he continued.

“They are not going to ruin our economy. Our economy is the engine that has allowed pensions to rise and to continue to increase, allowed the minimum wage and children’s allowance to increase.”

Abela finished his speech by calling on the crowd to use their vote in the upcoming MEP and local council elections.