Euro 2012 games to be screened at Tigullio car park

Massive Promotions Ltd and government have agreed to relocate the big screen from the Spinola seafront to Tigullio car park.

Restaurant and hotel owners breathe a sigh of relief as big screen is relocated to Tigullio car park
Restaurant and hotel owners breathe a sigh of relief as big screen is relocated to Tigullio car park

The screening of the Euro 2012 championship games has been relocated toTigullio car park after organisers Massive Promotions and the Lands Department agreed on an out-of-court settlement.

Judge Joseph Zammit McKeon was expected to give his final judgement today, after Massive Promotions yesterday filed a request to stop authorities from removing the big screen from the Spinola seafront.

But in comments to MaltaToday, organiser Philippe Gatt agreed that the company and the Lands Department had come to an agreement to transfer the big screen to its former location at the car park.

Therefore this evening's games of Ukraine vs France and Sweden vs England will be projected at the Tigullio car park.

Massive Promotions has also withdrawn its application for a warrant of prohibitory injunction.

The relocation was prompted after hotel operators, restaurant owners, residents and fishermen complained against a decision by the St Julian's local council to authorise the projection of the game on the big screen.

Welcoming the decision, restaurateur Peter Darmanin said he was thankful to the authorities for having understood their situation and for protecting Spinola Bay.

"We're also thankful for the organisers for having understood our situation," Darmanin said. "Obviously, there's a place for everything, some appropriate for big screens and some for fine dining and we are thus all very happy that this decision has been taken."

Darmanin also wished Massive Promotions more success in the screening of the Euro 2012 in the location that has been previously used to screen the World Cup games.

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R Gatt
This is absolutely great. So in order to please the restaurateurs the authorities have decided that the poor residents of Triq Wied Ghomor should shoulder the noise , parking mayhem and absolute chaos that normally accompanies these events especially because of the bar located in Triq Wied Ghomor. Typical of the present administration at this particular council. The welfare of St Julians residents comes last in the list of priorities. We now have a happy restaurateur at the expense of sixty or so Triq Wied Ghomor residents.

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