US Supreme Court chief justice in Malta

United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has arrived in Malta, an island he described as the “impregnable island fortress."

US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

Roberts arrived yesterday afternoon, for a two-week stay during which he will be teaching US Constitutional Law to American students.

The US Chief Justice landed in Malta leaving behind him fiery criticism from conservative politicians and pundits after casting the key vote to uphold President Barack Obama's health care law.

Speculation about why Roberts voted with the liberal side of the court reached a fever pitch on Sunday when CBS News reported that Roberts had switched his vote. Roberts has since kept tight-lipped.

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The editor missed out an important part of my comment---Americans can't name three countries that begin with U.
@pmurray. Most Americans don't even know where Canada is. Most Americans can't name three countries, and that includes their very own USA! Malta is doubly confusing for the dear kiddies, because their are five "Maltas" in the US- they probably don't know that either!
Joseph MELI
Bet you a dollar to a doughnut this guy had absolutely no idea where Malta was, let alone her history, prior to coming here in line with the majority of Americans.A they think Malta is where God lost his shoes!

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