Labour ready for election, whenever it is called – Muscat

Labour leader Joseph Muscat says it’s time for Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi to call an election, insists country cannot be held ‘hostage’ by Gonzi.

Labour leader Joseph Muscat
Labour leader Joseph Muscat

The Labour Party is ready for whenever the Prime Minister decides to call an election, and is prepared to work hard whether it's going to be a short or a long campaign, PL leader Joseph Muscat said this morning during a telephone conversation on One Radio.

Muscat is currently away on a short holiday with his family. He had to postpone his holiday by some 36 hours due to the developments taking place at the PN's headquarters last Thursday.

"There has never been as much consensus as today on matters of politics," the Labour leader said. "We have been cautious and we have said it was up to the Prime Minister to decide whether the call elections now or not. But everyone agrees it's time for the Prime Minister to call elections ... and we are ready to face that election whether it is called now or later."

Muscat said that Lawrence Gonzi "wanted to keep the country hostage", while the media and all civil society were agreeing that the way forward would be elections. He said that Gonzi was putting the interests of the PN before that of the country.

The Labour leader said Gonzi was " even ready to share his seat with someone else", referring to Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando's decision to resign from the PN but retain his seat a member of parliament 'in coaltion' with the PN.

Muscat said the Labour's electoral manifesto was informed by the need to improve sectors and stimulate economic growth: "It is not a wish list. We are focused hard on what needs to be done and we will work hard to stimulate economic growth - the solution to the country's deficit."

Muscat also said that the country needed a clear roadmap for economic growth and the private sector needed to be allowed to grow and expand.

The Labour leader also warned the party faithful that scaremongering campaigns against Labour were on the rise, now reaching SR Technics and Air Malta. He said that workers were being told that if Labour were to be elected SR Technics would close down, and Air Malta workers would be made redundant.

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