Joe Falzon on missing out on Environment Commissioner job

Outgoing Mepa auditor Joe Falzon expresses his disappointment at not being given a clear timetable for his exit but shows no sign of bitterness for not being reinstated.

Joe Falzon
Joe Falzon

Last week the Malta Environmnet and Planning Authority (Mepa) auditor Joe Falzon lamented at not being informed about the termination of his engagement.

Despite his disappointment at not being given a clear timetable for his exit, he does not show any signs of bitterness or resentment.

Ombudsman Joseph Said Pullicino appointed David Pace as commissioner for the environment and planning. He will replace Falzon in the role of the new commissioner for environment and planning, after the latter was not reappointed by the government.

Falzon manages to balance his gentle disposition and deep respect for institutions with irreverence towards power, in a country where people are expected to please the powers that be.

Typical to his character, he has accepted MEPA's Chief Executive Ian Stafrace's proposal of remaining temporarily in office to ensure a smooth transition.

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