GWU calls for ‘adequate pensions’ for all

General Workers’ Union urges government to revise pensions in the upcoming Budget 2013; calls for no less than 60% of national average income.

The General Workers' Union has urged government to revise and provide adequate pensions in its upcoming budget, insisting only this way government would be making justice with workers.

"Minimum pension shouldn't be less than 60% of the average national income and bonuses should be reflected in the pensions as well," the union said.

In a statement, the GWU referred to government's decision to revise the salary of the members of the judiciary and its intention to amend the law as to reflect an increase in their pensions.

"We are not against that judges and magistrates are provided with adequate salaries and pensions. However, such adequacy should not be restricted to a specific group but be made available to everyone," the union said.

The GWU urged government to take heed of its proposals for both the budget and the parties' electoral manifesto.

"If government truly does want to make justice with workers, in the budget it should announce concrete measures about pensions," it said.

The GWU said the country no longer guaranteed pension equivalent to two thirds of the current wage since, along the years, several anomalies and disparities were created between pensioners.

It added that government should address this issue as soon as possible.

I expect that all those who paid for a 2/3 pension, should get it without anymore delays. All Unions should including the Church should insist that the capping is remove. If a person has paid for this they should get it. I hope that Justice will prevail not only for the Chosen few.
Il-GWU qed taghmel sew ..... imissha tinsisti pero li KULL haddiem - nirrepeti KULL HADDIEM, MILL-ICKEN SAL-IKBAR, ghandhom jinghataw EZATTAMENT - NIRREPETI, EZATTAMENT