MaltaToday Online Poll | Solid majority in favour of ban on animal circuses

Almost 70% of 1,385 respondents to this week’s MaltaToday online poll agree with a complete ban against animal circuses.

MaltaToday's online poll found that almost one in three of respondents support a total ban on animal circuses.
MaltaToday's online poll found that almost one in three of respondents support a total ban on animal circuses.

Almost one third (68%) of the 1,385 respondents to this week's MaltaToday online poll agreed with a complete ban against animal circuses.

Earlier this week, the highly controversial Circo Fantasy animal circus opened its doors in the Naxxar trade fair parking area, overcoming a number of stumbling blocks which threatened to derail the circus.

Among these was a petition calling for a complete ban on animal circuses circulated earlier this month by animal activists, which was reportedly signed by over 2,500 persons.

Residents, on the other hand, have repeatedly voiced concerns over health and hygiene hazards posed by the presence of approximately 90 animals very close to residential homes, in a field beside the trade fair car park.

As many as 939 respondents (68%) were in favour of MaltaToda's online poll which asked "Do you think animal circuses should be banned?"

However less than one quarter of respondents opposed the ban, as 304 respondents (22%) adopted the position that animals are not human being,

At the same time, only 142 respondents (10%) opted for the moderated position of supporting a ban on animal circuses until the EU enacts regulations which impose stricter rules on animal transportation.

Earlier this week, the Animal Welfare Unit inspected the animal circus, which was set up despite complaints and petitions issued by residents in the Naxxar and St. Paul's Bay localities.

The Circus was also in the limelight in recent weeks due to how former PN Sliema deputy mayor Silvio Zammit is one of the circus' organisers.

Zammit was recently implicated in an OLAF investigation regarding how he claimed having brokered meetings between the smokeless tobacco lobby and former EU health commissioner John Dalli, in a bid to extract financial benefit.

Dear elwenzu. Going to the circus would be just as dumb as your comment sounds! It is understandable that children wish to go to the circus but it is up to the parents to educate and inform them re the cruelty and suffering that these animals endure both in their constant traveling whilst chained up in small cages as well as the beatings they go through whilst being trained to perform unnatural tricks. There are lots of videos on YouTube of secretly filmed circus animal cruelty. Simply don't go... A few hrs at the bird park is more educational.
The promoter - PN counciller Zammit has no respect for HUMANS - be it the people living in Naxxar or Europeans damaging their health with a noxious tobacco product. Do you think for a minute this hopefully soon to be convicted criminal cares about animals? Actually - are the police looking into Zammit's involvement in DalliGate?
Apart from very bad animal conditions (here in Gozo they had druged the tigers which were almost stoned for days) these organisers are taking the people for a ride as the quality standard of the show is very poor compared to the money paid.
It would be interesting to find out, that of those who want this circus (not the PN one) to be banned, are hypocritical enough to actually go and visit it.