UHM pushing for contracted workers join Civil Service

UHM pushing to get private sectors contracted workers into Civil Service and undercut existing civil servants.

Weekly newspaper Illum reports that the Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin are pushing to ensure that private sector contracted workers are allowed to obtain jobs with the public sector.

This would mean that these contracted workers would be able to undercut existing public sector employees in terms of which jobs they can apply for and which promotions they can obtain.

This information emerged from correspondence that was communicated to employees of a private company contracted to carry out work for Wasteserv, by means of a letter signed by Nicholas Baldacchino, a UHM official.

The correspondence details that thanks to "long and intensive" discussions between the union and Government, the private sector contracted workers will have the opportunity to apply for full-time jobs as clerks with the public sector.

Normally however, calls for expressions of interest for such positions are only issued internally, among existing civil servants.

Read the full story in the Sunday issue of the Illum.