Muslim candidate is in line with Labour policy, says Muscat

Prime Minister quizzed on Labour candidate's stand on gay marriage and civil unions

Mario Farrugia Borg (left) is a member of the World Islamic Call Society
Mario Farrugia Borg (left) is a member of the World Islamic Call Society

The first-ever Muslim candidate to be fielded for the European elections by a Maltese political party "is in line with Labour policy", Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told the press today.

Asked by MaltaToday whether Mario Farrugia Borg, a member of the World Islamic Call Society, was in agreement with Labour's proposed bill to legislate gay unions and also adoption of children by gay couples, Muscat replied that Borg was in line with Labour's stand.

He said that Borg's Islamic faith was "not an issue with regard to civil unions and gay adoption."

Parliament is currently debating a bill that will legislate in favour of civil unions for both gay and heterosexual, unmarried couples.

Mario Farrugia Borg was announced as a Labour candidate for next year's European Parliament elections yesterday, together with Labour MP Deborah Schembri and Fleur Vella.

"We believe Farrugia Borg is a very credible candidate for the party and aspects such as religion should not, and will not, pose a problem," Muscat said.

Farrugia Borg had formed part of a seminar's panel that brought together Catholic archbishop Paul Cremona and Imam Mohammed el Sadi, that agreed on uniting against same-sex marriages and the "negative" media but disagreed on divorce and polygamy.

Another person who will be contesting next year's MEP elections is Labour MP Deborah Schembri - who only got elected to local parliament back in March.

Muscat said the Labour party was "fully behind" Schembri's nomination, saying that she would prove to be "an asset for the country" if successful.

Muscat also offered his support for Libya, after conflict in the country's capital Tripoli broke out last night with gunshots being sounded all around the city.

He said that he was following the situation closely and was in constant contact with the Libyan authorities.

Muscat was speaking at the launch of the new Microsoft Innovation offices at the Skyparks Centre in Luqa. He said that the government was intent on working hand-in-hand with such innovation centres, stressing that it was committed to giving the I.T sector its due importance.

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I do agree that gays and so should be given the right to civil marriage but i do not agree with them adopting children ,i am sorry to say that they will be brang up in a unnatural environment to which my common sense tells me it will be unfair for these adopted children.
Islam is often associated with a conservative mindset, and with such things as homophobia, discrimination against women, suppression of freedom of speech, etc. Obviously not all Muslims are like this, but Mario will have to make his views on such matters clear, since they can easily be items on the EP's agenda. Any vacillation is likely to be interpreted negatively.
Maltese Labour government must be out of its mind to trust a Muslim. Next we will have Muslims in Malta wanting 'Sharia Law' incorporated in Maltese Laws, more mosques then they will want 'madrasas' for their children and halal meat in hospital food and other government buildings canteens. Then perhaps Malta will have their own Islamic suicide bombers. Just take a lesson from UK and see were appeasing and giving in to Muslim demands got us.
I agree to give gay rights but not adoption.That goes against children s rights.I believed adoption was nor promised before elections. observer

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