Alternattiva Demokratika condemns Italy’s ‘blackmail’

Alternattiva Demokratika has condemned the “blackmailing attitude” taken by Italian politicians on Malta’s cable connection to Italy, and has called for the Italian government to come out with its position.

Alternattiva Demokratika’s spokesperson for the EU and International Affairs Arnold Cassola said Malta should never accept blackmailing attidues from Italy.

Cassola also said that no one should listen to what Mario Borghezio, the Lega Nord’s MEP, says.

“He is well known for being an empty balloon of hot air just spouting racist and xenophobic arguments to attract attention,” Cassola said. “The issue becomes however much more serious with regards to Stefano Saglia.”

Saglia is a junior minister in Berlusconi’s cabinet and his position brings added responsibility to his words, Cassola said.

He then called onto the Italian government to state what the Italian Government’s position is:

“Prime Minister Berlusconi and Minister Frattini should speak out loudly and clearly that the unacceptable threats made by Saglia do not reflect the Italian Government’s will.”

“Malta should never accept such blackmailing attitudes from our neighbour and traditional friend, Italy,” he concluded.

AD chairperson Michael Briguglio said the Maltese and Italian governments should adopt a common stand vis-à-vis EU’s “insensitivity

on the issue of migration and refugees, and put pressure until the egoistic Member State governments agree to make use of the emergency solidarity clause in the Lisbon Treaty.” 

“Until then, Malta and Italy are duty bound to save all lives possible in the Mediterranean, as dictated by natural and international law,” he said.

Briguglio then referred to the resolution of the European Green Party for responsibility sharing of immigrants within the EU.

“It is more than clear that unlike other political parties, it is only the Greens who are seriously committed to responsibility sharing and solidarity amongst EU member states,” he said.

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