PN announces independence festivities committee

PN to celebrate 50th anniversary of Independence by organising a series of political and cultural events.

The Nationalist Party today announced the creation of a committee to organise the 50th anniversary of independence later this year. Moreover, while launching the slogan '50 Years of Nationhood,' the PN kicked off a competition for the design of a logo commemorating the event.

Deputy leader for party affairs, Beppe Fenech Adami said 2014 would be a "particular" year, with the country celebrating the 10th anniversary of EU accession, 35th anniversary of Freedom Day, the 40th anniversary of Republic Day and "above all" the 50th anniversary of Independence Day.

"Independence was a milestone in the country's history and the PN, which played a vital role in achieving independence will celebrate Malta's democratic, social, economic and cultural development," Fenech Adami said.

Asked whether the PN has been consulted by government over the celebrations, Fenech Adami said that there has been no contact yet, however he made it clear the party was ready to cooperate and ensure that there would be no overlapping or clash of events.

He added that the PN would organise a series of cultural and political events, adding that the PN had not decided on a definite programme to ensure that these would not clash with other events organised by government.

The PN committee is composed of Charles Stroud and Bryan manning. closing date for the logo competition is 21 February.

Beppe, that independence was a milestone in Malta's history notwithstanding the fact that the Airport, Maltese Harbours, Cable and Wireless and forgot what elkse remainwed as RESERVED MATTERS under the rule of mother England did play a vital role in Maltya acquiring full freedom later on. However saying that the Nationalist Party played a vital role in acquiring independence is absolute nonesense. The Nationalòist Party alweays wanted a QUASI DFOMINION STATUS