Transport Malta chooses General Workers Union bid for office relocation

Transport Malta plans to relocate to its offices to the A3 Towers in Paola, where the General Workers Union purchased its basement levels and two storeys for €1.74 million in 2010.

The A3 Towers in Paola were developed by the Montebello brothers
The A3 Towers in Paola were developed by the Montebello brothers

Transport Malta is considering the relocation of its headquarters to the A3 Towers in Paola, a senior TM official has confirmed.

The GWU-owned Paola Estates are the preferred bidders in the expression of interest TM issued, for the rental of new office space.

The A3 Towers were constructed by the Montebello brothers' JPM Bros, the company that had also acquired the defunct Jerma Palace Hotel in Marsascala, as well as having developed the Mistra Heights complex in Xemxija before selling off their interest.

Paola Estates are a wholly-owned subsidiary of GWU Holdings Ltd, whose directors are union secretary-general Tony Zarb and president Victor Carachi. In 2007, the company held some €2 million in assets.

In 2010, the GWU company purchased 1,800 square metres of basement garage spaces for €302,818 at the A3 Towers, and the ground floor's showroom, cafeteria, and the first floor's showroom and second-floor 'mini market and pharmacy clinic' for €1.16 million; and then another 35 underlying garages for €285,349 in 2012.

Altogether, the GWU purchased the basement levels and first two floors of the Montebello's A3 Towers for €1.74 million.

Although Transport Malta is still evaluating the bids, Paola Estates were confirmed as the preferred bidders by the authority’s adjudication committee. A total of six bids were shortlisted. An appeals period now follows, after which the official confirmation will be made.

“Paola Estates is the preferred bid and, if all is approved, we will go there,” a senior TM official told MaltaToday.

The A3 Tower in Paola claims the skyline with one of Malta’s highest towers.