Muscat embraces green economy at international gathering in China

Prime Minister announces that China-Malta venture will involve over 30 projects in Europe

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat speaking at the Eco Forum Conference.
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat speaking at the Eco Forum Conference.
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at the Conference
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at the Conference
The Eco Forum delegates in Guiyang.
The Eco Forum delegates in Guiyang.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat this morning wholeheartedly embraced the green economy, encouraging participants to believe that business world over must make that bold step and invest in the green economy.  He also outlined the initiatives Malta is taking towards having a green economy. 

Muscat was the only EU head of State present for the Eco-Forum in Guiyang, an initiative that started in 2010.  The meeting was held in the grandiose and opulent conference centre in the heart of Guiyang. The conference was very well attended, with over 1,200 participants from abroad and China but was poorly attended when it came heads of state.

Indeed Joseph Muscat’s presence was greatly appreciated at the conference and he was given special preference at the conference. Malta was introduced before his introductory speech as a county with unique and beautiful scenery and a dynamic economy.

In his speech, Muscat revealed that the decision to create a partnership between Shanghai Power Electric and EneMalta would lead to the realisation of over 30 projects based on solar and wind energy. 

A PM spokesman told MaltaToday that the projects would be based in Europe.

The projects will, after a three-year period, generate 600MW a day, equivalent to the electrical energy needed by a population of nearly half a million.

Other speakers included the Ethiopian President, the Prime Minister of Vanuatu and the President of the Confederation of Swiss Provinces.

The vice-President of China Li Yuanchao also addressed the participants emphasising the need for man to give back to nature.

The most lively contribution was by former UK deputy prime minister John Prescott, who animated the otherwise deadpan deliveries.

The conference is set in Guiyang, a city bustling with high-rise development that shadows the development in Dubai and other business centres.  Guiyang is the capital of the Guizhou province and is being developed in a high-tech development zone. Guiyang retains the title of China’s top tourist city.

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