Malta's economic confidence 'highest in eurozone'

Government says that Malta's economic sentiment is currently at its highest since 2008. 

“In August, Malta registered the highest level of economic confidence out of all the eurozone countries,” the Government said. It quoted results from a survey issued by the European Commission.

“The majority of Maltese people who took part in this survey predict that the economy will continue growing, that unemployment will continue decreasing, that inflation will decrease and that their own financial situations will improve,” the government said.  

“The level of economic sentiment in Malta rose by to an index of 114, up by 12% from last August. This is the highest registered level since April, 2008."

In August, confidence in the economy decreased by 1.9 points around Europe and by 1.5 points within the eurozone.

“However, it increased by 1.5 points in Malta,” the Government said. "Malta was one of the only European countries that registered a growth in economic confidence." 

The government added that the survey’s results also indicate a rise in economic confidence amongst the services sector, manufacturing industries and the construction industry.