MCESD restructuring in the pipeline

Social Dialogue Minister Helena Dalli reveals an MCESD restructuring committee has been set up.

Social Dialogue Minister Helena Dalli presides over an MCESD meeting (Photo Ray Attard)
Social Dialogue Minister Helena Dalli presides over an MCESD meeting (Photo Ray Attard)

The Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) is set to undergo a restructuring process, social dialogue minister Helena Dalli announced this morning.

The MCESD brings together social partners and members of the civil society in discussing the development and changes to the national economic and social issues.

Addressing an MCESD meeting discussing an economic report by the Chamber of Commerce, Dalli revealed that the government has also set up an MCESD restructuring committee and all members were actively involved.

"I appreciate the input by the Chamber of Commerce and all other partners which are actively involved in the MCESD restructuring committee," Dalli said. She added that the talks on renewing the council's structures are set to be concluded in the coming weeks.

Turning her attention to the Chamber's document, Dalli said this was in line with the previous documents discussed by MCESD and insisted that "a strong economy translates into a strong social sector."

In a brief address to the council, Chamber president David Curmi went through the document's key proposals, stressing that "this is a business agenda to government rather than a government agenda for business."

The document, which includes 52 proposals, stresses the importance of strengthening a number of economic sectors which offer potential for growth.

"We need a focused economy and the country's size and limitations mean that we cannot be everything for everyone," Curmi said.

Pointing out the importance of diversification and decreasing bureaucracy, Curmi warned against "an over dependence on one economic sector such as the financial services sector" which he said is volatile.

Following a detailed presentation by a Chamber official, the council discussed the documents which includes a number of proposals which are expected to raise a few eye brows among the union representatives on the council.

These include a recommendation against "unnecessary" increases to the minimum wage.