Three babies born following IVF treatment in 2014

Government paid for 28 IVF cycles in private hospitals last year

Three babies were born to three couples that underwent IVF treatment in 2014.

The question was raised in parliament by MP Claudio Grech to Health Minister Konrad Mizzi.

According to the information tabled in parliament, the government paid for 28 IVF cycles carried out in private hospitals. Six of the couples got pregnant while three of them became parents.

In separate questions, shadow health minister Claudette Buttigieg questioned why the IVF treatment was not available to couples where the mother is 43 years of age or more. Buttigieg argued that couples who could afford to pay for such treatment sought assistance abroad while those couples who wished to have children, but were not eligible according to the hospital’s criteria, were being denied the right to have children.

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