Greens support request for UN-backed intervention in Libya

Alternattiva Demokratika calls on Malta to strenghen air and sea defence meausures amid infighting between rival governments and IS-linked factions

Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) has backed a request for a UN-backed intervention to restore security in Libya.

In a statement this afternoon, the Green Party also said that Malta could not keep on watching passively the unfolding drama in Libya, and that in view of the recent infighting between rival factions and Islamic State-affiliated militias, it would be “advisable that Malta’s air and sea defence be strengthened.”

AD Chairman Arnold Cassola and Deputy Chairman Carmel Cacopardo said “Malta cannot keep on watching passively at the unfolding drama which is leading to total anarchy in Libya,” moreso after the fighting of factions who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

"While we are conscious of the dangers of retaliation against our country, it being - together with Italy - the nearest to the conflict area, once the efforts of the UN Special representative in Libya Bernardino Leon have not led to any tangible results, we support the request of the Maltese and Italian governments for a UN mandated international intervention to re-establish law and order in Libya and to minimise danger in the country.”

“In view of the present unfortunate circumstances, it would be advisable that Malta's air and sea defence are strengthened," it added.

AD also warned that the situation could also lead to a disproportionate increase in migratory flows of Libyans fleeing from the destruction in their country.

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