Kids encouraged to 'discover Valletta' with V18 info pack

With flash cards penned by Trevor Zahra, the Valletta 2018 project Discover Valletta aims to teach school kids about Valletta's key cultural spots

Launched this morning during a tour of Fort St Elmo and the Church of Mary Magdelene in Valletta, the Discover Valletta project aims to help kids get a more immersive education on Valletta's key cultural sites.

Comprising of flash cards penned by Maltese author Trevor Zahra and an mp3 player with accompanying audio commentary, the information pack focuses on 24 different areas of Valletta, from landmarks to churches and museums.

Addressing students from Valletta-based schools - St Albert the Great and San Gorg Preca - Valletta 2018 Chairman Jason Micallef said the project was inspired by a visit to a local school over a year ago.

"While it was clear that the students were very proud of Valletta, I was disappointed to discover that, when I asked them which parts of Valletta they would point out to visitors and tourists, few of them were able to put forward any suggestions."

Micallef said that the pack is a way towards not only remedying this problem, but that it will also ensure that the children's families - even those returning from the diaspora on holiday - would be able to make use of it and reap its benefits.

Prompting the schoolchildren present to say what they liked about Valletta - with most of them saying it was "beautiful" because it was "historical" - Education Minister Evarist Bartolo pointed out that Valletta was one of the first cities to be built entirely from scratch, becoming a model for cities like Washington.

"We must not make the mistake of simply setting about restoring fortifications and buildings, in the run up to Valletta 2018. We need to ensure that our people are seen to as well. And this applies to children most of all. They're the most beautiful legacy we can leave behind," Bartolo said.

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