[WATCH] ‘Use your vote to overcome egoism,’ SHout tells voters

SHout spokesperson Mark Sultana urges voters to collect voting documents and says that ‘historic’ spring hunting referendum is a tool which can be used to overcome egoism

SHout campaign event in Sliema

The Spring Hunting Out (SHout) campaign has this afternoon urged voters to collect their voting documents and use it to overcome egoism by voting against retaining spring hunting in Malta.

Speaking during a family feast at the Chalet in Sliema, SHout spokesman Mark Sultana explained that thousands of voting documents remain uncollected, and that it was the Electoral Commission’s duty to encourage voters to cast their vote in the election.

“I urge those people who have not collected their vote to use it to overcome egoism. This is a historic moment, a right, and a tool which the Maltese and Gozitans can decide to overcome egoism,” Sultana said.

Urging the Maltese electorate to collect their voting documents, Sultana underlined that Malta is living a historical moment as the country has the power and the tools necessary to ensure that death is overcome by life, and for live birds to be protected.

Sultana argued the Electoral Commission was not doing enough to encourage people to collect their documents, and that the Commission should ensure that people are aware of their right to vote.

The SHout spokesperson also dispelled claims that the referendum is a sign of intolerance, and insisted that conversely, the referendum is a right and as was the case in the two previous referendums in Malta, the people’s voice was supreme.

“It is not true that voting no is a sign of intolerance and those who are saying so are not understanding the concept of democracy. The referendum is a right and is a tool which can be used to put an end to hunters using their votes to blackmail politicians,” Sultana said.

Sultana explained that for years, Malta ignored the majority, only for it to listen to a “minority who believes that it can do whatever it pleases because it holds a gun.”