Global tourist expenditure up by €36 billion in 2014

World Tourism Barometer reveals global tourist expenditure up by €36 million in 2014, compared to 2013

According to the latest information provided by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), last year, global tourism expenditure registered a substantial increase. The 2014 World Tourism Barometer showed that tourist spending rose by €36 billion compared to 2013, with a €13 billion rise in Europe alone.

In a statement, the government said that these figures mean that 2014, saw an average rise in tourist spending of 3.6% both globally and in European member states.

“This figure shows substantial growth and it is particularly encouraging that our country registered a 6.1% rise in 2014, when compared to the previous year,” the statement read.

The government said that this compares well with the markets Malta competes with, as the country has kept up with southern European and Mediterranean countries in the rise of tourist spending.

The government pointed out that according to the NSO, tourist spending reached €1.5 billion locally last year, which essentially means an €88 million injection directly into the Maltese economy.

Tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis was very pleased with these figures and he explained that in a global scene, where product prices were falling, tourist spending had increases significantly in 2014.

“This underlines the fact that the tourism sector can lead to economic growth and encourage exports while creating more employment opportunities,” Zammit Lewis said.

 The minister said that the results achieved in this sector locally had confirmed how Malta was ahead of other countries especially compared to other European countries.

 “These results confirm that the government’s tourism policies are a step in the right direction. The government is committed to continue in its work towards more positive results not just in terms of numbers, but even to continue working to improve the touristic product and ultimately attract more tourists to strengthen the local economy and ensure that Malta maintains its leading position in tourism on a European level.”

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