Family doctors have crucial role in fighting Cancer – Chris Fearne

Cancer patients to be transferred to Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre over the coming weekend.

The Sir Anthony Oncology Centre will welcome patients over the weekend
The Sir Anthony Oncology Centre will welcome patients over the weekend

Parliamentary Secretary for Health Chris Fearne said that family doctors have a crucial role in fighting cancer.

Speaking at a seminar for family doctors at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, Fearne said that Malta saw some 4,000 new cases of the disease every year.

“One out of two people will be effected by the disease throughout their lifetime,” Fearne said pointing out that lifestyle choices were a main factor in determining the diseases people could suffer from.

“Smoking, obesity, alcohol and a lack of exercise were all factors that could lead to certain illnesses.”

Fearne reminded that the various health centres around the island now offered lifestyle clinics to educate and advise the public about the right lifestyles.

“However, given your position as family doctors and your close contact with patients, your role is essential in preventing the disease,” he said stressing that prevention was essential to fight diseases like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular illneses and even cancer.

Fearne added that the seminar had been designed to explain what services and equipment would be used in the new Oncology centre which would see the migration of cancer patients from Mater Dei and Boffa hospitals during the weekend.

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