Patient migration to new oncology centre completed

The migration from Sir Paul Boffa Hospital to the new oncology centre has been completed

The migration from Sir Paul Boffa Hospital to the new Sir Anthony Mamo oncology centre has been completed, parliamentary secretary for health Chris Fearne confirmed this evening.

The migration of services has been going on for a month, when the new centre received its first cancer patients for radiotherapy in August.

The €52 million oncology centre caters for 113 beds, up from 78 beds at Boffa Hospital. On the other hand, the outpatients department can see up to 400 patients in a week.

The state-of-the-art equipment not only provides precise radiotherapy but also minimises side effects. “We are currently in the process of training nurses and healthcare specialists so as to have more human resources,” Fearne had told MaltaToday.

The centre makes use of two state-of-the-art linear accelerators. The machines, costing some €20 million, allow for quicker and more precise radiotherapy.

In figures

2,000 persons diagnosed with cancer every year

On average, a total of 700 people lose their battle, with

25% of deaths in Malta related to cancer

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Malta

The most common cancers in women are:

1.       Breast: 34%

2.       Colorectal: 10.6%

3.       Uterus: 7.3%

The most common cancers in men are:

1.       Prostate – 21%

2.       Lung – 15.5%

3.       Colorectum – 12.2%

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