[WATCH] Ragusa police arrest two Libyans attempting to reach Malta using false documents

Arrest made possible after stricter controls see police officers requesting travelling documents

The Ragusa police have arrested two individuals, thought to be Libyan nationals, found to be in possession of fake identification documents.

The arrest comes after Ragusa tightened the surveillance of suspicious persons and border crossings, primarily at the port of Pozzallo and the Comiso airport.

The mobile police squad noted the two Libyans, driving around Pozzallo, in “a suspicious” yellow Chevrolet.

The Police had been observing the two for quite a while, “noticing them making phone calls” and moving from one place to another. The arrests were made after the pair left the hotel they were staying at, heading towards the port of Pozzallo with catamaran tickets ready to reach Malta.

The Police also noticed the two repeatedly going back and forth between the hotel and the car.

Stopped by the police, the two individuals produced Libyans passports and residence permits issued by the Maltese authorities, Italian media report.

But a deeper inspection of the car revealed that the car’s registration documents were false and other Libyan plates were found hidden in the trunk of the car.

With reasonable suspicion that the identification documents could also be false, the Ragusa police requested a verification of the documents. The documents were confirmed to be fake.

Both men have been arraigned. It transpired that one of the two had already been stopped in Catania by border control police for travelling with false documents, two years ago.

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