Weather 'specialists' reassure nation: 'No cyclone is hitting Malta'

The only evidence of cyclone Charlene passing near the island will be lots of fine sand and some isolated showers

No gale winds but lots of sand expected ...
No gale winds but lots of sand expected ...

Contradicting social media claims that a cyclone will be hitting the island, “weather specialists” reassure that the only thing hitting Malta will be desert sand and isolated showers.

Luckily, cyclone Charlene – expected on Thursday – will not be hitting Malta directly. A Mediterranean cyclone means gale force winds and torrential rain.

“The cyclone will pass close to Malta but will be affecting us marginally. It will make its way to southern Italy without causing any havoc over the Maltese Islands,” FirstMalta said.

FirstMalta forecasts some rain and winds expected to blow North North West at Force 5 and 6 at times. Cyclone Charlene is expected to start forming over Tripoli on Wednesday night and move towards southern Italy, passing very close to the Maltese islands on Thursday, early morning.

“Don’t worry if you read on Facebook that the cyclone will be hitting Malta hard: it’s absolutely and categorically false,” the specialists add.

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