NGOs running Majjistral Park call for 'sensible, serious hunting restrictions' in parks

Heritage Parks Federation ‘disappointed’ to hear that new nature parks may be used by hunters and trappers

The hours for hunting at the Majjistral Nature and History Park were established by a legal notice in April 2013 so that such activities are limited from two hours before sunrise up till 10 a.m. daily.

However the NGOs running the park – Gaia Foundation, Din l-Art Helwa and Nature Trust – said that trapping activities are not at all consonant within a park that is promoting the enjoyment of nature, the regeneration of the species and land that exist within it.

The federation, as park manager, had refused to issue activity permits for trapping in the park.

“The Federation is disappointed to hear that new nature parks may be subject to concessions to the hunting and trapping lobbies,” Heritage Parks Federation president Rodolfo Ragonesi said.

The federation urged the government to take a firm stand “rather than attempt to keep all stakeholders happy”. 

Ragonesi said that despite the concession to hunt in the Majjistral Park until 10.00 am, the management received several comments from the public complaining that the hours were not respected.

“People are not happy with this state of affairs in the nature park and early walkers cannot roam about freely without any hunting or trapping activities going on in the early hours.”

According to the federation, good governance dictates that nature parks shouldn’t be “the subject of compromise with activities that are not compatible with nature protection".