In the Press: Journalists manhandled by crowd outside law courts

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The Times of Malta

A large crowd gathered outside the law courts yesterday as Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi faced charges of defamation, this newspaper reports. Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said that the party was willing to appeal an unfavourable decision, all the way up to the EU Court of Human Rights if necessary. 


9,000 jobs in the Maltese financial sector are at risk, thanks to the damage the island's reputation has suffered after the Panama Papers data leak, the Malta Employers Association said. 


Supporters of MP Jason Azzopardi launched what this newspaper called a fascist attack on Labour journalists yesterday, when an editor and a journalist were manhandled by the crowd gathered outside the law courts.

The Malta Independent

One of the two co-founders of Mossack Fonseca said that energy minister Konrad Mizzi had not made it known to the firm that he was a politician when he solicited their services. 

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