Solar farm at Xgħajra sewage treatment approved

Planning Authoruty approves solar farm at Ta’ Barkat sewage treatment plant

Image showing the site where the solar farm will be installed
Image showing the site where the solar farm will be installed

The Planning Commission at the Planning Authority has granted development permission for the installation of a photovoltaic farm system at the sewage treatment plant in Ta’ Barkat, Xgħajra, on the south eastern coast of Malta.

The approved project will allow for the installation of solar PV panels, mounted at a ten-degree gradient, over the roofs of the polishing plant, the administration block and the sludge room, covering an area of nearly 2520 square metres, according to a press release by the authority.

The project, the PA reassures, will not result in the take up of any undeveloped rural or natural land within this ODZ site. Additionally, the installed panels will not have a visual impact to the surrounding landscapes.

The planning permit also includes a condition which requires the applicant to dismantle the panels and revert the roof of the buildings upon which the PV panels were installed back to their original vacant state once decommissioned. 

The statement adds that the draft solar farm policy encourages that such developments achieve dual or multiple uses of land, with preferred sites being roof tops and immediate curtilage of sizeable farm buildings (including large farm sheds and greenhouses) and other similarly large structures, government buildings and large water reservoirs lying outside the development zone.

The creation of solar farms will facilitate Malta’s achievement of its 2020 EU target of 10% Renewable Energy.

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